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Promoting collaboration over competition.

Kitchen Connect

Endless Possibilities

As an initiative of the Victoria Community Food Hub Society with a mandate of "Good Food For All", we marry the ability to develop processing infrastructure at Kitchen Connect, our community food hub, with a peer mentorship and training program that helps to provide work experience and employability skills to newcomers, refugees, and other vulnerable populations. More experienced food sector workers is a good thing for business. We could potentially provide an in-house processing team that could be a labour pool for all members. Produce and processed goods are also streamed into our charity sector work to feed our community and build strong food businesses.

About us-Kitchen Connect - Shared Commissary Commercial Kitchen Victoria BC
Good Food for All

Our Mission

To promote a healthy and sustainable food system in the Capital Region.

Ensuring that this food system provides healthy food to the most vulnerable people in our community and works to increase their resources, food skills, and social connections for a healthier food secure future.

The Vision

Kitchen Connect will become a location that utilizes facilities, equipment, training, and services to integrate, support and act as a catalyst for growth of the local food economy.

How We Are Different

The model strives to further innovative collaboration between food rescue initiatives, food handling, and preparation training. 

What We Do

The Hub will aim to support marginalized populations, food processing entrepreneurs, farmers, social innovators, and community members through shared access to infrastructure, programming, and resources. 

The Victoria Community Food Hub Society (VCFHS) was incorporated as a Charity in 2013.

An Integrated Hub

Kitchen Connect integrates with the South Island FarmHub and The Mustard Seed to offer training, incubation, kitchens, and storage.

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Food Business Incubation

Processing Kitchens


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Distribution of locally produced food


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About - Kitchen Connect - Shared Commissary Commercial Kitchen Victoria BC
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Food Rescue

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Commercial Kitchens

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