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FAQ for Kitchen Connect - Shared Commissary Commercial Kitchen Victoria BC

Kitchen Connect

Q: Can you access more than one of the services?


A: Yes. All our offerings are open to any business.

Q: Are there sliding membership fees depending on what you are accessing?


A: More on membership pricing coming soon. But, as a social venture our objective is to assist local processing businesses to scale and in that light, we expect our pricing model will reflect lower than market pricing for use of the kitchen.


Q: When will the kitchens become available?

A: Renovations are on track and we are set to open early 2023. Stay tuned!

Q: How many businesses do you expect to be using the kitchen at the same time?

A: There is room for 5 processing lines to operate at once, so 5 businesses.

Q: Is there parking?

A: There is access for product and equipment through loading dock 4 then parking is in the front lot as available. We are currently looking into alternatives for business hour parking in the neighbourhood.

Q: How soon would you expect to be open 24/7?

A: We will start with business hours and weekends, and then move to 24/7 as needs dictate. 

Q: Any storage room for processors to keep our own equipment or bottles and/or dry ingredients?

A: Yes, storage is available as part of our services offered.


Q: What are the revenue streams for Kitchen Connect?

A: As a social venture all profits will go back into programming. Kitchen Connect revenue  streams include: training program, business programs, kitchen and equipment rentals, co-packing. Farmhub will include sales of produce and processed goods into the wholesale charity market and the home delivery and Farmhub branded line of product for the retail sector, washing and packing of local produce. Possibly cut and chop for restaurant and institutional sector.

Let's Work Together

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