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Kitchen Connect - Shared Commissary Commercial Kitchen for CommunityOrganizations

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Kitchen Connect is a social venture of the Victoria Community Food Hub Society and is  interested in facilitating infrastructure and linkages between local food producers, food makers, processors, retailers and community food programs to build community resilience and greater food security in our region. 

Creating Community

Kitchen Connect is open to all your ideas around creating community through food at our regional Food Hub. Be that kitchen space rental, workshops, cooking classes, events, and business support for your social venture, we’d love to support the work you do in our community!

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Food Connections

Food Connections is an upcoming program that incorporates supported skills development and training program centering on Indigenous, racialized, newcomers, and low income participants to undertake activities like food handling, sorting, light vegetable processing and food recipe creation. The program aims to support their skills development and employability, and to launch their own food enterprise initiatives. The training incubator and processing lines also elevates the Mustard Seed and Victoria Community Food Hub’s capacity to distribute food through 70 Food Charity organizations and to three School Districts for school meal programs.

Let's Work Together

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