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June 2023 Update

Check out the latest updates about our new commissary shared kitchen.

New equipment, pricing options, and how to sign up or book a tour.


A Summer Opening for Our Brand New Commissary Kitchen!

We're putting the finishing touches on the kitchen and installing equipment. Pending final inspections, we'll be ready to welcome rentals by early July.

The Kitchen Connect team would like to thank you for your patience while we've been working hard to wrap up construction of this beautiful new kitchen!

We eagerly look forward to partnering with you and can't wait to begin working together to achieve our goals!


Kitchen Connect Equipment & Facilities Currently available:

Here's a list of equipment that's currently available at the kitchen⤵️

Coming soon:

This equipment will be ready by fall 2023⤵️

  • Combi oven

  • Steam kettle

  • Unifiller

  • Vacuum sealer


Appliance Highlight KKP 360 Chamber Pasteurizer

Our new The KKP 360 Chamber Pasteurizer will be able to create shelf stable products with the capacity up to 360 1L bottles. How does it work? The sprinkling water is heated by an external heating source and continuously pumped in a circle. The special injection tubes or irrigation pans achieve an even and effective heating of all containers. 🔗Click here to see it in action!


Pricing for membership and equipment rentals

Pricing and optional membership packages are listed below. Please note that membership packages are not required to rent space and equipment in the kitchen.

All you need to book the space is:

  • A current business license

  • Insurance naming Kitchen Connect (VCFHS) as a third party

  • A VIHA approved food safety plan

  • Food Safe certification

Available storage and pricing coming soon!

***If you are an individual, charity or community group interested in using the space you are invited to connect with us to discuss subsidy options.


Booking a tour of the Facility

To schedule a time to tour the facility, click here. After a tour, if you feel like the space would be a good fit, we can look at getting paperwork in place so you’re ready to rock when we open!


Our New Scheduling Platform

Once the paperwork is complete, you'll be given access to our scheduling platform: Food Corridor This program allows you to see the kitchen and equipment calendars in real time, and book what you need! Food Corridor will also store all of your documentation and flag us both when anything is up for renewal.

We'll take you through orientation and training on the equipment you'd like to use, and ensure that you've got everything you need to operate safely and efficiently!


We look forward to working with you; please reach out with any questions you may have!

Questions? Contact us!

You can reach our Operations Manager directly via phone or email:

Kira Selah



"If you know someone that is interested in pursuing the goal of upscaling their food business, please share and spread the word!"


Thank you to our supporters!

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