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Our Facilities


We have the facilities and resources to help you start or grow your food business, process your products, share ideas, make valuable connections, and create opportunities with others in the food industry and community.

Facilities Information
  • Commercial Kitchen

  • Processing/Pasteurizing Line

  • Refrigerated Space & Dry Storage

  • Light Processing of Local Produce

  • Teaching & Training Spaces

  • HACCP-Ready Processing Kitchen

  • VIHA Certified Space

Teaching & Training Space
  • Food Sector Skills Training

  • Processing Line Training

  • HACCP-certified training

  • Business Incubation

  • Scaling up your Business

  • Recipe Development

ProduceBox (1).jpg
  • Refrigeration

  • Dry Storage

  • Recipe Development

  • Product Formulation

  • Ingredient Sourcing

  • Food Truck & Event Catering

  • Products for Market

  • VIHA-certified Space

  • HACCP Ready Kitchen

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  • Pro 2000i Unifiller: A tool that fills a certain pre-set amount into containers

  • Chamber Pasteurizer

  • Stainless Steel Packing & Labelling Area

  • 10 Burner & Convection Line

  • Silverson Blending Plant

  • Equipped for canning, pasteurizing beverages, etc.

    • High heat pasteurized products can be measured into clean jars and capped eliminating the need for hot water bath​

Kitchen Connect is a  HAACP-Ready Kitchen

HACCP-Ready means the protocols and facility is setup to allow a processor to meet the conditions for certification within a shared facility and to sell into the larger retail and institutional markets. This means the business can have their product HACCP certified running out of the facility, however, additional certification for goods like meat processing would be up to the business using the facility.

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What is HAACP?

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system for food safety management is designed to identify health hazards and to establish strategies to prevent, eliminate, or reduce their occurrence.

Let's Work Together

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